Case Study

The Hyde & Co Covid Manifesto

It’s an understatement to say the past few months have been tough for everyone, but arguably one of the industries hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic has been the hospitality industry. Pre-Covid the majority of our clients were in the hospitality world, so when the gravity of the situation became clear it looked like our whole world, and our business, was about to be turned upside down. Those first few weeks, as we had to help our clients shut down their businesses, all the while wondering if ours would survive too, were a very dark time.

But fast forward three months and things are looking brighter. We’re not very good at sitting still, so after the initial shock of just how much things had changed it was time to get mobilised and start thinking about how to switch things up.

A bit of background

The Hyde & Co group, one of our biggest clients, were quick to pivot, quickly setting up a cocktail delivery service. We jumped on the opportunity to get involved – helping to get the website set up and spreading the word through social media, email marketing and through our press contacts – we even helped to prepare the cocktails and organising the delivery logistics for the first few weeks. As we settled into the ‘new normal’, we began thinking to the future, and working with the Hyde boys, we got planning…

Following the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry as people debated what would happen, when we’d open and how things would work once the world began to come back to life, it became very clear that our job of communication was going to be more important than ever.

The Execution

There were stats flying around the internet about how a vast majority would feel uncomfortable visiting restaurants without very stringent precautions in place, and in this time we were also approached by the team at Yoello, a contactless ordering and payment system who had pulled together some fascinating research around customer concerns. Nathan, one of the Hyde founders, had also come across a manifesto from Singapore based restaurant group Black Sheep, which was so clear and concise, so armed with all of this information we decided to create our own.

Nathan turned around 17 pages of information almost overnight, and from there it was a case of making sure the tone was in-keeping with Hyde’s style, as well as creating an internal version to circulate around the 150 strong team, as well as a version which could be shared publicly. Once the copy was spot on it was over to our sister agency Hey? What!, who pulled everything into a slick, easy-to-read pdf, in line with the new branding they’d created for Hyde & Co’s new group website – another job to complete before we released our reopening plans.

Time was of the essence with releasing our plans. With the Government’s announcement on the reopening dates for pubs due on the 25th June we knew we had to shout about our plans within 24 hours of this, so we created a rollout plan for the manifesto and Hyde’s new group website where it would be published. This included releasing the manifesto to the press and across Hyde’s multiple social media accounts at the same time, creating consistency and ensuring we spread the message to as many people as possible.

The Results

We couldn’t have asked for a better response to all of the hard work which went into the manifesto. The public reaction has been incredible, and we’ve had multiple friends and contacts within the industry say how helpful they’ve found it with shaping their own reopening plans – something Nathan was always keen to do from the off.

Creating the manifesto was just the first step on what will undoubtedly be a tricky journey, but we’ve no doubt the Hyde boys and their amazing teams at each venue will set the tone for hospitality standards in Bristol as we all navigate the new normal, and we’re very proud to be a part of it.


If you’re in the hospitality sector and you’re worried about how to communicate your plans in a post Covid world we can help, just drop us an email on