Case Study

Little Blocks on Big Adventures

Numberblocks and Alphablocks are two children’s TV programmes on CBeebies, which teach young children maths and english, both created by the very talented animation studio BlueZoo. They make learning fun by bringing these two subjects to life with funny, sweet characters – they also use very clever songs that will get stuck in your head for an eternity!

What they needed

Numberblocks and Alphablocks were very popular on CBeebies but needed some help with increasing their social media presence. They wanted both brands to have more of their own distinct identity, encouraging their very loyal fan base to engage with the accounts and get them more involved with each identity.

As each brand has licensing deals in the UK, and were beginning to roll out internationally, we needed to build an audience in their key markets which involved a deep understanding of what these markets wanted and how they responded to each brand.

      cbeebies logo with numberblocks carachters

      what we did

      We started with a simple social media strategy for each brand focusing around key launch dates – such as the new series of Numberblocks. We engaged fans by asking them to participate with each channel through games, drawing challenges and quizzes. 

      As each brand developed new merchandise, we also helped to promote these on their channels and via influencer marketing. We did this by building a list of relevant parent influencers for us to contact and then built a relationship with them before sending them new products to review and post to their channels. 

      One of the biggest challenges on this account was the community management. Both Numberblocks and Alphablocks have very active communities, with many “super fans” who completely believe in and trust both worlds – so ensuring that this trust was maintained was very important to us. This would involve spending a huge amount of time engaging with the audience but ultimately it created a lovely, loyal community. 

      The last link in this chain was paid social advertising and reporting. Reporting allowed us to demonstrate to the client where their audience was and what it was doing, we could then use this data to inform our social campaigns and where we were going to spend on social advertising to reach key audiences.

      nadu account statistics

      The Results

      Numberblocks was our lead channel out of the two, as it was currently active with a new series. Here we took their followers on Facebook from 1,501 to 16,155 in two years working with a very minimal paid budget. This is an increase of 976%

      On Instagram we took Numberblocks from just 359 followers to 8913, an increase of 2,382%

      It was an absolute joy to work on both of these brands and we were very happy to pass them back to BlueZoo who decided to give each brand a dedicated in-house social media manager to further increase their growth.


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