With all this lockdown time on our hands we figured we’d put it to good use, so we’ve given ourselves a little makeover. Yes, Frankie has definitely dyed her hair blue, and Meg’s finally given in and bleached her own roots (sorry to our hairdresser!) but we’ve also given our brand and our website a fresh new look, with a little help from our friends.

After nearly seven years in business, it was high time for a bit of a refresh. We’ve come a long way since Duchess was founded and as much as we loved our original branding it felt like it was time for something a little more grown up. Since meeting design and branding whizz kids Hey?What! and starting our joint venture, Another Love Affair, we started to get a little jealous of all the amazing branding and design work they do for other clients. Never ones to be left out, we asked them to give us a helping hand and led by the oh-so-talented Christope, this is what they came up with…

Building on our original crown logo (we couldn’t exactly change it when both Meg and Frankie have matching crown tattoos) we wanted to create something a bit slicker, cleaner and more professional.

Explaining how we got to the finished design, creative genius Christophe said…

“For the logo we went for a strong and stylish font with a classic but contemporary feel. A bold black and cool pink palette that oozes style and sophistication and an insignia incorporating the DM initials that adds a touch of class across the brand. Overall bold but elegant, much like the Duchess girls themselves.”

Oooh Chris, you flirt. Let us know what you think, unless you hate it and then we don’t want to hear it.


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