We’re delighted to have been appointed to promote the launch of Terra Mundo, a world first in immersive dining!

Terra Mundo is a feast of frequencies and flavours brought to you by The House of Gastrophonic, pioneers in the creation and production of sensory immersive dining experiences.

The Terra Mundo event will take diners on a three course journey to three distinctly different earthly environments; Forest, Fire and Ocean. Each with its own frequency and unique flavour profile brought to life with a stunning menu and exquisite drinks, perfectly paired with sensory soundtracks and a 360 degree wrap-around immersive video projection to create a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Working with our agency partner, Hey! What?, under our combined agency power-house name ‘Another Love Affair’ (more on this to be announced soon), we were tasked with promoting the launch of Terra Mundo event which is launching later on in the year.

Starting with the creation of a brand new website and social channels, we developed the branding to bring the concept to life. Launching with a teaser campaign on social, our content alluded to the sensory and frequencies elements of the event, without giving too much away, to generate interest and intrigue and ultimately encourage event pre-registrations.

Register your interest to be the first to book your seat at the table and to find out more visit: www.terramundoexp.com

This is an exciting step on the journey of Terra Mundo, with more to come soon!