Hi, I’m Dan and I’m the new junior marketing assistant at Duchess media!

During my professional career, I have worked in various industries from sales to hospitality.

I was born and raised in Spain to English parents and spent a good few years of my life living in various parts of the country. I started working at the age of 17 years old for a large travel company based in Marbella, and this is where my career in sales began. During this time I learned valuable skills that would assist me during my career, which eventually lead me to gain a job for a large financial consultancy group.

After about 3 years of working in the sales industry, I decided that I needed a switch up and follow my passion for food and moved to the UK to start an apprenticeship as a professional chef!

I started my apprenticeship in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and made my way down the country working at various restaurants and hotels, eventually ending up living in Bristol. Coming from Spain, I’ve always had a huge passion for tapas and small plates of food, so I have thoroughly enjoyed eating at some of the best restaurants bristol has to offer such as Gambas, Bar 44, and Seven Lucky Gods!

I took a short break from life in Bristol to work at a ski resort in France called Val D’Isere, Where I met my partner Rianne.

After returning to the UK together Rianne and I decided to fulfil our dream of travelling around Southeast Asia. Trying all the local delicacies of the different countries opened my eyes to even more recipes and ideas to introduce into my cooking. This then inspired me to start my own Instagram page dedicated to cooking. I began studying various marketing techniques and applying them to my page to grow it organically, and that’s when the penny dropped. I wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing, but more specifically, within the food and drink industry.

I studied as much as possible through online courses some of the latest marketing techniques and I also assisted a freelance PR to gain relevant industry experience and then decided to start applying for jobs. That’s when I came across Duchess Media, and the rest is history.