We’re not great at sitting still, and in light of the current crazy situation that’s affecting us all we’ve suddenly found ourselves with a fair bit of spare time. So whilst we’re filling some of it with bingeing the Tiger King and jumping around in our living rooms to the national treasure that is Joe Wicks, we’ve teamed up with our mates over at Hey! What? to put our newly found free time to good use with a brand new project… introducing, Life On Hold.

Seeing as the creative industry, like so many others, has pretty much ground to a halt, we wanted to take action to give creative workers (and ourselves!) something to keep us busy as well helping out by raising money for two of the most worthy causes we can think of – the NHS and Mind. And so Life on Hold was born!

Life on Hold is a creative remix campaign designed to generate a new creative community of agencies, freelancers and creatives in digital, music and arts, who have suddenly found themselves out of work. We’re encouraging them to come together to produce designs, illustrations, animations and music inspired by the current change in pace of life and to spread love and creativity during this tough time.

We’ve been lucky enough to pull in some incredible well-known and up and coming artists from Bristol and beyond including Inkie, Mr Jago, Feek and many more, and have tasked them with each creating an original piece of art, all based around the theme of ‘Life on Hold.’ The produced works will then be made available for anyone who wants to get involved to download through the Life On Hold website for the creative community to remix.

Participating artists will then take elements from the original creations to produce their own pieces of work. Their creations can then be passed on to other creatives, generating a chain of ever-evolving ‘remixed’ art, graphic design and music. Cool, huh?

The Life On Hold website is now live for applications, and we’re hoping to have the original pieces available for download for ‘remixing’ in the next week or so. We’ve had a sneak peek at some of the original pieces in progress and trust us – it’s going to be pretty amazing! 

At the end of the campaign, we’ll be putting the remixed pieces online to be showcased at a later date and you’ll also be able to buy them too, meaning you can snap up a banging new piece of art for your house, all for a good cause. What’s more, there’s a competition element – each key artist will choose their top three remixes of their work and these artists will go into the prize draw.

You can take a peek at what we’ve been up to at www.lifeonhold.org and also keep up to date with how things are going on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And for now, stay safe people, stay at home and wash your damn hands!