Instagram Reels are undoubtedly Facebook’s response to Tik-Tok’s ultimate success. Having taken the centre stage of the home navigation bar, there’s no wonder why it’s becoming hugely popular. 

Essentially, reels are short videos between 15-30 seconds long where you can create content that you can then share with your Instagram followers or anybody that’s using the platform. 

These exciting easy-to-watch videos are great for businesses to use, as it helps you to reach more people and grow your following. Here are some of the best ways to use reels to your advantage and help grow your business:


    • Brand Story: To help you connect with your audience, reels are a great place to tell your story and show people who you are. 
    • Product Reviews: Reels are a great place to review and showcase products in a fun and creative way. 
    • Behind the Scenes: You can use Reels to show your audience exclusive “behind-the-scenes” content. Show your viewers anything fun that they might not know about you, keeping things fun and your followers engaged. 
    • Teaser Content:  You could upload a short teaser video to Reels that teases your followers on what they could expect if they purchased your products or services. 

So what will Instagram’s Reels mean for brands and businesses? 

Following the release of Instagram stories in 2016, they had around 150 million users. 5 years later there are now more than 500 million people uploading stories to their accounts, so if this is any indication, it looks like Instagram Reels has a promising future ahead. 

It’s a great idea to get involved early while the competition is still low. Instagram’s algorithms prioritise the use of reels, and other new features, by putting them in front of more users, making this one of the best ways to promote services and products for your business and getting the maximum amount of reach. 

 Influencers and brands are already using Reels to market their products, and we believe this is just the beginning! Similar to TikTok, marketers are likely to seize the chance to collaborate with influencers to produce branded Instagram Reels, especially now that Instagram has added branded content tags to Reels.

This change is a way for Instagram to make sure that creators are explicitly disclosing their work.

Instagram reels could be another tool for marketers and businesses to have a deeper understanding of their Instagram audience. View counts, likes, and comments are currently the only metrics available for Reels. However, similar to TikTok and Instagram Stories, we expect Instagram Reels will provide in-depth data in the future.

Best practices for Instagram Reels

Getting the most out of Instagram Reels requires a bit of prep work, fortunately, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist when it comes to planning your Instagram reels! One of the most important parts of creating fantastic reels is to make them educational and/or entertaining. 

Educating your audience 

One of the core pillars to creating a great marketing strategy is education. An educated prospect is more likely to make a purchase or to sign up for your services. Quick and digestible, Reels is a great way to get the attention of your audience and to get your message across. 

Practice makes perfect

Great Reels can do wonders for your page and bad Reels can be detrimental. So the best thing to do is to practice making a few reels before going ahead and publishing them. Get used to what all the functions do; how to apply filters, trim videos, and how to add audio. Once you’ve mastered these, then you will be on your way to making some fantastic Reels! 

Not the place for hard selling

Reels are not about pushing your product or service on the viewers. Their strength tends to lie in capturing their attention and positioning your business as the go-to brand. 

Instead of advertising a discount, or telling people to go to your website, try creating fun and engaging and valuable content. 

Sharing tips and tricks

Sharing tips and tricks is one of the easiest ways to create engaging and valuable content. You don’t have to worry about how simple your tips is, it might be useful to someone! Are there a few similar questions that your business is continuously receiving? Try making a Reel that addresses those questions too. Essentially, the Reels that are most useful are usually the ones that do best.

Whatever your brand or business is, we’re sure that there is a creative opportunity waiting for you to make the most of. 

In a digital world like today, where trends explode overnight. It’s the influencers, creators, and businesses that get in early who reap the rewards!

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