We’ve been eagerly awaiting the announcement from Boris to let us know when bars and restaurants will be reopening and the exact measures that have to be put in place in order for them to do so. Yesterday, the 23rd June, we got the news we were waiting for. Bars and restaurants will be able to reopen on the 4th July but there are quite a few conditions, and how do we communicate them with the public!?

We haven’t seen Meg in a few days as she has been frantically working on a manifesto for Hyde & Co which outlines some of the key points that they are putting into place to ensure their team and patrons feel safe and secure. You can read it here. This ties in with the Government guidelines, however there is now more work to be done.

The City Centre BID, who are an invaluable resource for businesses within their district, this morning brought together members of the council and local businesses to discuss the guidelines in more detail and here are some key takeaways….

Risk assessments are key!

  • How many people can you safely have in your venue and how will you service them?
  • There will be no vertical drinking (so standing up then) and table service only.
  • It is one metre plus. NOT one metre. This was addressed a few times. So in the risk assessment this needs to be considered.
  • Inside seated eating and drinking is fine but what other measures need to be put in place for the safety of customers and staff?
    • One way systems
    • Bathroom use
    • Cleaning
    • Staff rotas
    • PPE
  • Once a complete risk assessment has been planned out a certificate needs to be displayed to reassure staff and customers. This can be found in the Government guidelines.

Licensing laws have been relaxed to help businesses get back up and running. However, there were some key points…

  • No public singing!
  • No loud music, people MUST be able to talk at a normal level to limit the “spread” of mucus (sorry)
  • No dancing, so no live music for a little while – this includes DJs.
  • Venues must keep a record of people who enter for 21 days.
  • Offsale licences are going to be backdated- so people can start serving booze offsite without risk of fines, the council are under as much pressure as everyone to try and get things sorted in 9 days!
  • Lots of areas within the City Centre are going to be pedestrianised so alfresco dining can be enjoyed. The council has asked venues to work together to ensure measures are in place to keep everyone safe.

The Government guidelines are actually pretty comprehensive, but all of this will be a bit of a learning curb as we slowly start to get life back to normal. Precautions need to be put in place and communicating these to the public will be key to encourage people to start visiting their favourite bars and restaurants again.


If you’re in the hospitality sector and you’re worried about how you communicate your plans to stick to these rules with your customers we can help, just drop us an email on hello@duchessmedia.com