Awards nominations… yep, we heard the collective groan when we mentioned it. Unless you’re a bit of a maniac (step forward Meg!) chances are you don’t have the time, energy or s**ts to give to put aside several hours to complete a lengthy awards nomination document. So, for a lot of small businesses they end up in the “maybe next year” pile of things to do…

However you feel about awards, and the time it takes to enter them, there’s a huge argument *FOR* putting yourself forward for them – here’s just a few of them…

  • Free marketing – Arguably the best type of marketing for a small business! Pretty much every awards scheme worth its salt will be supported by a big old marketing campaign, meaning if you’re shortlisted, or even better, you win, you’re going to benefit from tonnes of free exposure. Winning!
  • Credibility – Being shortlisted for an award, let alone winning, is great recognition for your business. Being recognised gives you a great opportunity to blow your own trumpet and shout “These guys think we’re great and we think you will too!” 
  • Evaluation – Awards nominations often ask you to reflect on your previous year and tell the judge exactly what you’ve achieved and why you deserve to win. Reviewing your year and looking back on your successes is a great way to assure yourself that you’re heading in the right direction and give yourself a bit of a pat on the back.
  • Party time! Hey, if you get shortlisted chances are you’re going to get invited to the awards ceremony (Bristol Life’s party last year was a particular highlight for us!) and we all know what that means….PARTY!)

So now you’re going “Ok, ok, so they’re worth entering, but where to start?!” Meg’s something of an expert when it comes to awards nominations (she’s even won one for Duchess Media at this year’s Crumbs Awards!) so here are her top tips on how to complete yours…

  • Get bragging! Us Brits HATE boasting about our achievements but for awards nominations throw that modesty out the window and really focus on all of your top achievements from the last year because trust us – if you don’t believe in your own success the judges certainly won’t!
  • Work chronologically – As a rule awards will look at your previous year, so whilst it sounds obvious start 12 months ago, write the months in order and bullet point everything you’ve achieved month on month. Not only does it make it much easier for the judges to digest but it makes it miles easier for you to look back on the year in smaller chunks, and then helps you bring the bigger picture together
  • Testimonials – It’s all well and good you telling the judge why you think you should win but your customers’ recommendations are even better! Go back through TripAdvisor, Facebook or dig out any positive emails you’ve received recently and add them in – the more the better! 

Still feeling like you’ve just got too much on your plate to spend hours completing nominations? Panic not – we can offer a full awards nominations service, so rather than spending ages stressing over an application we can just do it for you. If you’d be interested in getting us involved with your nominations for any awards coming up in the next year just drop us a line at and we’ll pop in for a chat and take the stress out of it all for you!